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Our Korats

CH Hero-Irja Charanya

Grisa was born in November 26th 2001 in Elburg, the Netherlands, where Knier's had the Hero-Irja Cattery. Her parents, Coco and Bo, had a six kitten litter, four males and two females. We went to take her in March 3rd 2002, when she was only three months and five days old. She's the boss at home.


GIP-IC Mythai Hoo-a Jy Glah DSM

Ulpu was born in June 7th 2002 in Helsinki, Finland, where Milla Talja breeds korats with Mythai affix. Her parents, Nysse & Kalle, had a male and three females litter. Ulpu lives at home since November 11th 2002 thanks to our good friend Donatella Mastrangelo, who found her champion's potential in shows.


IC Siri Kira Ith-sa-ra

Piula was born in June 29th 2003, during the open-air celebration on the eve of Saint Peter. She’s the first kitten of Siri Kira, daughter of Grisa and Elmo, a wonderful green eyes Finnish stud. She came to live around three o’clock in the morning, after a first female, who didn’t survive a long birth.


Dewdrop's Umnaht Seu-saht

Tap was born in January 30th 2004 in Vantaa, Finland, where Milla Pyötsiä has the Dewdrop's cattery. He’s an Ulpu’s nephew, son of her sister Oili and Pate. Tap was the only male in a litter of three and came to Barcelona to keep Ulpu’s line, because she has been spayed for health problems.


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