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The story of Siri Kira

Siri Kira (Wonderful Kira in Thai) would never had been created if one day a silver kitty had not appeared in our lives. We called her Kira, because it was the name we had chosen if some day we decided to find a girlfriend for our cat Katu. If Kira had not come home, perhaps we would never have known the Korat breed, nor began a cattery project. Sometimes, we wonder if Kira came to us just to divulge this extraordinary breed.

We heard Kira the first time in July 30th 2000, past midnight, while we were looking for Katu around the house we spent our holidays in Baix Empordą. He was on the roof, but he wasn't alone. We heard a sweet mew, but it was dark and we didn't see anything. Katu had found Kira, a three months old kitty, and they were playing together.

We put some dry food in a bowl and the kitty came running to eat, as if she hadn't eaten in many days. She was so thin, that her ears seemed bigger to us. She slided quickly into the house and she climbed over us purring with happiness. She didn't want to go. Our hearts were broken when we decided to put her out so that she went home. But she didn't, because she was home.

Next morning, when we opened the door, the kitty came running into the kitchen. She had slept in a box on the balcony waiting patiently our return. We already owned her and, of course, that was her new home. She was sweet and affectionate, lively, playful, naughty, pretty and lovely. Definitely, she was already indespensable for us. We had never known a cat like her.

In September, we brought Kira to Barcelona. We were afraid that an outdoor kitty would not get used to living in a flat, but there were no problems. Katu accepted to share his territory and we could keep enjoying her unconditional love. When we were at home, in the afternoon, she used to take a nap in our lap after a particular paws dance to be comfortable.

Unfortunately, Kira fell sick at the end of June 2001. Veterinary diagnosed a FIA (Feline Infection Anemia) caused by a parasite called haemobartonella. After a blood transfusion and almost two months medicating her, our little Kira died at 03:45 a.m., during the dawn, in August 20th 2001. She was only 16 months old. We will never forget her.

It was such a painful absence, that we began looking for some breed which reminds us of her type and lovely personality. That's the way we found the Korat, a breed that we started to know and love through people like Donatella Mastrangelo and Camilla Baird. Now, we have two Korat females at home and thanks to them Kira's soul remains with us.

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