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Siri Kira Korats would like to thank Donatella Mastrangelo (Jadeye Korats) and Camilla Baird (Primprau's Korats) help, which made us possible to join Korat world.

Thanks also to Stephan Franke (V. Baan Thai) for his main role to find our lovely Charanya.

Logically, our thanks go to Knier family (Hero-Irja Korats) and Milla Talja (Mythai Korats) for breeding Grisa and Ulpu with love their first months of life.

We'd thank too Olga and Jose (Chalerm Cattery) for their patience to answer a lot of questions.

Finally, we say thank you to the Koratworld mailing list members, who help us whenever we need it.

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